Senior Specialist | Director

ir. Jacco K. Haasnoot


+31 (0)20 494 30 70

Jacco Haasnoot has worked as an all-round geotechnical consultant for more than 25 years, with a focus on risk management in geotechnical projects. Jacco graduated as a mining engineer, specialising in engineering geology, so he always includes the geological component in his advice. This risk management is based on extensive analysis of the situation, the technical effects the project may have on the environment and control during execution through monitoring. Major projects to which Jacco has made a significant contribution include the Noord/Zuidlijn in Amsterdam, the Rotterdamsebaan in The Hague and the Rotterdam Centraal metro station. He has also carried out and supervised designs in the areas of settlement and stability. Advice is substantiated with the latest calculation methods, in which finite element models usually play an important role. Ground improvement techniques, such as soil freezing and jet grouting, are substantiated and targeted to bring the risk profile of a project to an acceptable level.

Finally, Jacco's CV is characterised by exploring and applying new innovative techniques. An excellent example is the Energy sheet pile, in which a foundation element is given a second function by using the geothermal properties of the underground. CRUX Holding's IT activities are carried out from CEMS, a development of which Jacco is initiator and director. Awards and prizes show that these initiatives are also appreciated outside CRUX.

Jacco's roles within the CRUX companies (CRUX Holding, CRUX Engineering and CEMS - CRUX Engineering Microservices) are:

  • R&D and Innovation lead at CRUX;
  • initiator Energiedamwand - director Energiedamwand Nederland BV;
  • initiator Automated Engineering at CRUX - director CEMS - CRUX Engineering MIcroservices;
  • senior specialist office CRUX Engineering Delft.

Jacco represents the Netherlands in TC308 "Energy Geotechnics" of ISSMGE (International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering). Jacco is also course leader for the PAO course "Soil Improvement Engineering" and sits on the European Implementation Standards Committee for Ground Freezing on behalf of the Netherlands.

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