GIS (Geographical Information System)

Our projects are related to the geographical location: both the ground and the surroundings are different for each project. In order to incorporate these insights in our advice, we use GIS (Geographic Information System). Here we link information to the project location and surroundings at an early stage, so that efficient insights can be gained into opportunities and risks, since it is true that 'a picture says more than a thousand words'.

The GIS is an interactive system and can serve as a database of geographic information during projects and for the presentation of ground research, monitoring plans and various geotechnical analyses.

For special cases, a detailed mathematical analysis can be performed using the detail data. CRUX uses the expertise it has gained in the urban construction of construction pits and tunnels. This can be used to determine the risk of damage for individual or multiple buildings, so that the risk of damage of a reinforcement solution can be clearly substantiated.

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