With the recognition of the earthquake problem in the north of Groningen and the subsequent technical question concerning structural reinforcement, CRUX Engineering BV has in recent years developed into one of the experts in the field of induced earthquakes and the geotechnical risks involved.

In a short time, a lot of expertise has been developed in the field of earthquake response, foundation testing, foundation reinforcement, softening, monitoring and the associated geotechnical (laboratory) research. During this period, CRUX has provided geotechnical advice for testing and reinforcing more than 80 buildings - including the prominent foundation repair of the Pastorie in Garrelsweer - and geotechnical designs for a broad range of new construction projects, including the development of the Velden in Groningen.

CRUX Engineering has been part of the FiveL consortium since the end of 2017. The consortium works for clients for the purpose of strengthening and preserving buildings in the earthquake area. The team is set up in such a way that it can tackle these projects from A to Z, from inspection through completion. CRUX consultants support the builders of, among others, Blaauw ingenieurs & Goudsticker de Vries with load capacity tests and foundation reinforcement recommendations.

CRUX is also actively involved in the development of the new practice guideline for earthquakes, the NPR9998, via the softening task force.

The developments in the area of seismic geotechnical engineering never stop, and CRUX constantly supervises several graduates in the field of earthquake-related research. This approach guarantees the constant development of the knowledge level in the field of earthquake risks within the organization as well as a constant stream of newly graduated engineers familiar with the specific seismic problems in the Groningen region. This is desperately needed given the enormous technical task with which the construction industry in the Groningen region will continue to be confronted in the coming years.

From our years of experience with monitoring and risk management of urban projects, CRUX has an excellent view of the necessity and scope of monitoring the earthquake risks for, among other things, monumental and iconic buildings. We work together with trusted partners with years of experience in the field of monitoring. We are also working on new and innovative monitoring techniques that specifically connect with the seismic risks in the region.

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