Every construction project impacts the surroundings. When construction is done in an urban setting, attention to and research into the environment impact is important. Will the construction of a basement cause damage to the adjacent property? Will the discharge pipe continue to function if the adjacency is elevated? Are the vibrations due to driving piles or vibrating sheet piles excessively high for a parcel or (production) process? How much and for how long can the groundwater level be lowered without subsidence of nearby buildings?

*CRUX RisK scan-
Based on the CRUX RisK scan (risks and opportunities), the above questions can be answered, and we investigate qualitatively whether the underground and environmental risks in, for example, a building plan have been sufficiently considered.

The scan can be used in the development and start-up of the construction process, but also as an interim control moment. In addition, it can play an important role as an instrument for making it clear to all parties involved that you as a governmental authority, client, architect or builder, project developer, developing builder or construction company/contractor have had the risks considered in a serious and thorough way by an external and independent client, qualified party.

Depending on the building plan, the following components may be discussed in our scan;
- Ground composition and ground conditions, groundwater
- Deformation and stability of (sub)ground
- Adjacencies (settlement risk assessment)
- Foundations and/or retaining structures
- Vibrations
- Ground contamination
- Optimization opportunities
- Risk analysis and management
- Construction phasing/order of work

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