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TOWER TEN – WTC Amsterdam

TOWER TEN –WTC Amsterdam

Commissioned by CBRE Global Investors, the existing WTC Amsterdam on the Zuidas will be extended by the construction of TOWER TEN. TOWER TEN is designed by PLP Architecture and OZ Architects. The new building comprises of 32.000m² office space which is distributed over 22 floors. In addition, the existing tower of 17.000m² on the corner Strawinskylaan/Beethovenlaan will be completely renovated. The project management is carried out by ABC Nova. Ballast Nedam is responsible for the realization of TOWER TEN. Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs will take over the structural design. CRUX has carried out the geotechnical design which includes the design of the building pit and the foundation. CRUX is also involved in the site engineering as a specialist during the execution.

Along the Beethovenstraat the existing 2-layer underground parking garage will be extended. In the design of the building pit, account was taken in order to limit the influence of the construction on the existing infrastructure as much as possible such as the tramway, viaducts, pipelines and WKO systems. Therefore, a 'relatively rigid' combi-wall was chosen for the building pit, using anchored LEKA piles by means of screw injection anchors.

As a result of the complete renovation of the existing tower, some existing columns and supports will be loaded more heavily. Therefore, new VHP-LR (Very High Pressure - Lost Rod) piles have been installed in the existing polder garage in order to strengthen the foundation. For this purpose a jet-grout system was chosen because of the limited working space. A steel construction was installed over the new piles, after which the new piles are immediately activated by means of augers under the existing supports. In this way, the subsidence arising from the construction will be prevented.

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