Stabilisation quay walls

Commissioned by Max Bögl, CRUX Engineering BV has performed a feasibility study of several design alternatives for stabilizing the embankment of the St. Andries quay wall in Antwerp. The project ´Stabilization Quay Walls´ is part of a master plan for Antwerp’s Scheldt quays.

The quay walls were built around 1878 and do not meet current safety requirements. Similarly, in the context of a Sigma Plan (a plan to protect the Scheldt Region from flooding due to storm surges), the weir needs be increased by 90cm compared to the current situation. In total, the master plan concerns 6 kms of embankment that needs to be stabilized. This sub-project involves a 1.4 km long zone (St. Andries and ’t Zuid). A cross section diagram of the present structure of the quay walls is shown below.

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