Ocean Reef Island II – Punta Pacifica

Commissioned by Compañía Insular Americana, CRUX Engineering has supported advisory work for the Ocean Reef Island II project in Panama. In the context of this project, Boskalis has created an artificial island for the shore of Punta Pacifica in Panama City for the construction of an exclusive and luxurious residential area.

The perimeter of the island (Ocean Reef Island II) consists of a dike made of basalt blocks. For the inner part of the island, sand was used as a filling. To avoid the migration of sand into and through the dike to the sea, geotextile was applied to the inner slope of the dike.

Because Panama is in an earthquake zone, there are requirements for the stability of the sandfill. To prevent liquefaction, density and fines are the determining factors of the soil. As soil improvement measures, vibro-compacting, stone columns and grouting are applied.

CRUX Engineering has conducted an independent expert and, among other things, assessed working methods and developed a monitoring plan. In addition, CRUX Engineering was responsible for implementation guidance at the project location from a supervisory role.

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