New Amsterdam Court House

CRUX Engineering BV has, on behalf of Bouwbedrijf M.J. De Nijs en Zonen BV prepared the final building design with accompanying monitoring plan for the new court in Amsterdam, New Amsterdam Court House (NACH).

The current building, including the parking lot, is being demolished to build a 2-layer underground car park. The cellar is built within an anchored pile of ponds, providing filter paint combined with deepwells for the necessary waterstand cuts in the pit.

In addition to the required constructive calculations for the strength and rigidity of the pileboard boards and anchoring, CRUX has performed analytical and numerical calculations with PLAXIS for environmental analysis. The environmental analysis analyzes the critical objects in the area, such as the permissible horizontal and vertical deformations of the underpass or bend at the Parnassus Road or the location of the tram and cables and pipes next to the tub.

For these objects, through the CRUX risk approach, the relevant distortion shares during the entire construction process of applying sheet walls, applying anchors, digging, milling to removal of sheet walls and possibly also of the wall anchors quantitatively determined and evaluated. This deduces all critical distortion requirements, which are the basis for signal and intervention values for the monitoring plan.

Thus, the game rules are verifiablely defined, within which the building shed in a critical urban environment can be realized with acceptable and manageable risks.

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