Dike Reinforcement KIJK

The Water Board of Schieland and Krimpenerwaard has selected IB-KIJK as the engineering firm for the exploration phase of the dike reinforcement project Krachtige IJsseldijken Krimpenerwaard, which is abbreviated as KIJK. The IB-KIJK is a consortium consisting of the companies, namely: BWZ Ingenieurs, Infram, Greenrivers and CRUX Engineering. What makes this collaboration special is that the Water Board wants to realise this project on the basis of partnership and that CRUX, as IB-KIJK, will become part of the project organisation. This project is being carried out to ensure that the dike between Krimpen at the IJssel and Gouderak (approx.. 10 kilometres divided into approx. 25 dike sections) will have sufficient safety against high water in the future.

IB-KIJK has carried out research into the most suitable solution (traditional green dykes or the application of longitudinal constructions) for the strengthening of the dyke. Within IB-KIJK, CRUX Engineering is using the new Legal Assessment Instruments (WBI2017) in this project. The CSSM (Critical State Soil Mechanics) model and the SHANSEP (Stress History and Normalized Soil Engineering Properties) method have been applied for the characterization of the soil behaviour. For the failure mechanism regarding macrostability, calculations were performed based on the Uplift-Van model. In addition, a probabilistic analysis was performed with the Probabilistic Took Kit (PTK) model to sharpen the safety judgement for macrostability. This analysis was performed in collaboration with Deltares.

Furthermore, CRUX, in collaboration with SkyGeo, conducted a large-scale study into the technical influence of dike reinforcement on the environment. The settlements based on satellite measurements are secured in a database and linked to the Geographical Information System (GIS), with which global analyses can be carried out for the risk of damage caused by vibrations and ground deformations.

More information you can find here:
A publication in magazine 'Land & Water' (in Dutch only): Probabilistische analyse van waarde bij dijkversterkingsproject, uit Land en Water nr. 5 -mei 2018-.

and on the website of the Water Board of Schieland and Krimpenerwaard (in Dutch only): Het Hoogheemraadschap van Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard.

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