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Team Crossroads, a collaboration between TBD and MVSA Architects, with further partners Kondor Wessels Amsterdam, Delva Landscape Architects, De Dakdokters, VIAC and Klimaatgarant, is realising a new construction project on the Hemboog near Sloterdijk in Amsterdam.
Commissioned by Kondor Wessels, CRUX will be involved as geotechnical consultant from mid-2018. The main structural engineer of the project is Van Rossum Raadgevende ingenieurs.

The construction project Crossroads is part of four new housing projects on the triangular plot O with 650 houses divided over 7 blocks. The project Crossroads, situated in the northern peak of the triangle right next to the station building, includes the realisation of two towers on two sides of the railway viaduct with office, residential and retail spaces in between and under the railway and a parking garage.

The ground level at the location of the northern parts adjacent to the future building section is approximately 5m higher than the level of the ground floor of the future buildings. In the current situation, this difference in level is bridged by means of a slope. In the future situation, the boundary of the new building is situated close to the higher parts and ground-retaining structures are required for the construction phase. In addition, piles are required to transfer the high loads from the towers. The geotechnical design with regard to the ground retaining structures and the foundation is carried out by CRUX.

PLAXIS 3D modelling of the foundation of the Fly-over and the load from the new building
PLAXIS 3D Deformation contours after load from new buildings

The new building will be realized at the intersection of roads, train tracks and streams of people. The precarious location directly next to and under the railway viaduct requires a thorough analysis of the environmental impact. An extensive deformation and risk analysis has been drawn up by CRUX. Using 3D FEM deformation calculations, the influence of the work and the building loads on the foundation of the railway viaduct was mapped and tested against the valid/current ProRail guideline. On the basis of the calculation results, it could be demonstrated that the influence on the railway remains small and acceptable. CRUX also drew up a monitoring plan to monitor the influence on the surroundings.

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