Atrium Zuidas

CRUX has been involved in the realization of the expansion of the Atrium at the Zuidas in Amsterdam. The work consisted of fully dimensioning the building shelf for the two-layer parking garage, the foundation and the guidance of the environmental impact. During the construction, various incidents occurred as a result of complicating factors in the implementation, obstacles and vulnerabilities.

CRUX has made a significant contribution in facilitating, for example, contractor Dura Vermeer De Nijs vof (DVDN) and the municipality of Amsterdam with regard to the turnwalls on the Strawinsky Avenue and the on-site viaduct. Because sheet walls could not be brought into depth, a solution was made based on soil injection to get the building shelf still closed. Intensive supervision has also been provided of the pre-planned compensation grouting by High 5 Solutions of the CFV tramway on the Parnassusweg. Partly due to this intensive engineering and guidance, the project has been successfully completed and completed.

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