CRUX is a consultancy agency that is active in the areas of geotechnical engineering, hydrogeology and the environment. Below you will find information about our fields of geotechnical engineering, environment (impact), ground improvement, hydrogeology, environmental and soil energy (ATES).


Geotechnical Engineering

Soil investigation
Foundations and ground structures
Construction pits
Bored tunnels and trenchless tech.
State-of-the-art dike verification
Low subsidence or sub. free systems
Dynamics and earthquakes

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Risk Assessments

Condition surveys
Sound Predictions
Vibration predictions
Deformation analysis
Damage predictions
Monitoring plans
Monitoring and supervising
Damage investigations

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Ground Improvement

Permeation grouting
Jet grouting
Compensation grouting (compaction)
Compensation grouting (fracture)
Ground freezing

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Dewatering and pumping tests
Groundwater statistics and climate
Infrastructure constructions
Sustainability and construction
Risk Assessments and monitoring
Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES)

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Subsurface Energy (ATES)

Energy sheet pile
ATES (BRL 11000)

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Environmental soil and water studies
(Re)usability of soil and construction materials
Working in contaminated soil
Environmental supervising

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