Second Opinions

In addition to design work, CRUX is also frequently asked to provide second opinions and reviews. This may include, for example, reviewing the design or plan prepared by another consultancy firm or contractor. In addition, parties are regularly assisted by a number of CRUX senior advisers in liability proceedings of insurers, arbitrations and court cases (DIX).

For the various construction and housing inspection organizations, transport companies and infrastructural services, the risk analyses and monitoring work as performed are recognized as a good approach to assessing the risks of settlement and groundwater changes.

CRUX is also recognized by all insurers as a qualified party for conducting settlement-groundwater-impact risk analyses to obtain the CAR insurance. Having such a risk analysis performed by CRUX may therefore result in improved insurance conditions (premium, deductible), and it reduces the risks for the project developer, particularly with regard to the often-considerable costs of any delay in construction.

Finally, a risk analysis may also play an important political role in showing the parties concerned and in particular owners of adjacencies that the developer/contractor has seriously and thoroughly had the risks assessed by an external and independent, highly-qualified party.

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