An important driver for including Environmental Soil and Water Quality work in our recommendations is that in our experience little influence can be exerted over environmental legislation and regulations, but that the way in which these are integrated into daily practice can indeed be managed. By taking the intended developments as a starting point and adjusting them from there to laws and regulations, there is much to be gained! By applying research and advice in the right way and at the right time, CRUX ensures that unnecessary work and stagnation in the execution soil excavation and-or groundwater pollution/sanitation are prevented. This significantly reduces construction costs and minimizes the risk of delays. CRUX can be of service from the initiation phase through the realization phase of a project, including the following recommendations and research.


  • Interpretation of existing research data: do the studies performed comply with the relevant legislation and regulations and with the intended purpose of the client?
  • Are research results interpreted correctly and are no unnecessary follow-up steps recommended?
  • Advice on excavation and disposal/reuse of recovered soil.
  • Advice on soil quality-related tender specifications.
  • Preparing remediation plan/BUS notification.
  • Guidance during execution.
  • Advice regarding changes in the assumptions or unforeseen issues during execution.


  • Determining environmental hygiene quality of asphalt, foundation material and (watery) soil.
  • Determining remediation needs.
  • Determining reuse options/usability of soil and paving materials.
  • Determining safety classes (T&F class).
  • Environmental guidance and process management in accordance with BRL 6001.
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