Research and development

Research and development are important spearheads at CRUX. In various collaborations with contractors and market parties we are continuously working on innovation. Research is being conducted in the area of innovative ground improvement techniques, the development of new pile systems and the use of alternative (geotechnical) building materials.

Promotion & international
Five of our colleagues have performed PhD research , a.o., at Delft University of Technology, for instance on Building Response due to Ground Movements and Grouting for Pile Foundation Improvement. CRUX consultants also actively participate in national and international research committees, for instance in the area of underground construction, ground improvement techniques and risk management. CRUX is also closely involved in committees of SBRCURNet, COB, PLAXIS, Geo-Impuls and the ISSMGE.

At CRUX, ample attention is paid to maintaining the level of knowledge within the company, for example by participating in courses, symposiums, internal knowledge transfer sessions (KOS) and an intranet. The dissemination of the acquired knowledge is done by regularly writing for (professional) publications and giving lectures and (guest) lectures.

Design tools and CRUXRisk
CRUX is alert to and engaged in developments in the field of geotechnical design tools. Of course, CRUX has state-of-the-art geotechnical calculation software, such as D-series from Deltares Systems, PLAXIS 2D and 3D and Geostudio software. In addition, the consultants and programmers from CRUX develop automated calculation software in-house, such as CRUXRisk (for complex settlement risk analyses) and probabilistic calculation models in combination with Plaxis for the safety of dikes

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