Quality & safety

As the mission statement of CRUX indicates, we want to make a positive contribution to society by carrying out qualitatively and technically sound geotechnical, geohydrological, environmental and geo-structural design and implementation solutions. Quality is the starting point in our operations and services. We want to be an honest construction partner, where knowledge, transparency, safety and sustainability are central.

The work is performed according to our quality management system in accordance with
ISO 9001:2015 .

We meet additional specific quality requirements for work where it applies. CRUX Engineering has the following certificate for this purpose:

BRL SIKB 6000-protocol 6001: Assessment guidelines for environmental supervision of land remediation with conventional methods and aftercare.

CRUX works in the field of constructional recordings and monitoring, (water)soil and pavement research, lot inspections and probing with fixed, competent and certified partners.

In the unlikely event that a client notices that CRUX does not meet the requirements of the standards as mentioned above, the client should immediately report this to the management of CRUX. In such cases the management of CRUX will act according to an established complaints procedure.

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