Mission, vision and core values

We want to make a positive contribution to society from our field of expertise. We do this by producing high-quality and technically sound geotechnical, geohydrological, environmental and geo-structural design and execution solutions. This applies in particular for construction in infrastructure, water construction, non-residential construction and the energy sector. Risk management and care for the environment, both inside and outside urban areas, is always a critical factor for us. Where possible, we want to contribute to the further development of our field, and we share knowledge and skills both nationally and internationally.

In our vision, quality is the starting point for our operations and services. We want to be an honest construction partner where knowledge, transparency, safety and sustainability are central. In collaboration with our customers and other stakeholders, we want to realize projects at a market-conforming price with an environmental impact that is acceptable to all concerned. Training, development and job satisfaction of our employees form the basis of the continuity of our company.

Core values
- We possess a unique combination of geotechnical, geohydrological, environmental, soil improvement techniques and soil energy knowledge.
- We combine creativity with expertise, decisiveness and speed.
- Our slogan and our logo refer to our company name; we get to 'the heart of the matter'.

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