CRUX Academy

The CRUX Academy ensures a structured dissemination of knowledge and training within the company. In addition, the Academy encourages and inspires our employees to utilize their fulll potential. Professionalism, quality and job satisfaction are the basis.

Expertise in various fields is shared among employees in a unique way. An extensive in-house course programme guarantees effective and inspiring knowledge building. The experienced specialists and MT members of CRUX are the teachers in the CRUX Academy. As an employer CRUX invests time and shares knowledge in a structured way at all levels to give special attention to the individual development of the employees.

Besides substantive training and knowledge building through internal courses, mentoring and coaching play an important role in the CRUX Academy. With this we want to stimulate the development from engineer to consultant.

Do you want to start in the fascinating field of geotechnical engineering or have you been working in the field for a number of years and are you looking for a new challenge? .... Or do you feel that there is more to the profession than what you are doing now? Then take a look at what the CRUX Academy can do for you to become a consultant who can (continue to) develop on various fronts with a lot of job satisfaction. Through knowledge you get more self-confidence and experience job satisfaction. You are never done learning!

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