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Diana Portillo Arreguin (student TUDelft)
My internship took place from August 15th to November 30th at the office in Delft. It did not involve only one specific main task, but the technical collaboration in various engineering projects, as if I were a junior engineer working for the company. Nonetheless, I carried out two main projects.

The first project was about the analysis of possible alternatives to overcome the ultimate limit state conditions of an existing foundation in Den Haag. The municipality planned an overpass over a section of the existing A12 highway. This structure was built over tension piles, but due to the new project, they will be subjected to compressive loads in the future. The goal of the investigation was to analyse if the existing piles have enough bearing capacity for compressive loads, and if necessary, evaluate alternatives to overcome the limitations.

The second investigation was about the comparison of several FE modelling software (Plaxis, DIANA and Adonis). The selected options were evaluated and compared in terms of general technical aspects, user-friendliness, and licensing costs. The objective of this was to set the basis for further detailed analyses, and seek for quality alternatives to traditional geo-engineering FE modelling tools.

Further, other projects in which I worked consisted of the design of deep and shallow foundations, and design of deep excavations considering retaining walls and supporting structures.

This internship gave me the opportunity to develop my FE modelling skills, and also learn to use Deltares software (D-sheetpiling, D-settlement, D-foundations), which are highly required in the working field.
From walking in on my first day until leaving, I gained plenty of knowledge and experience I did not know I would have before I started. Not only have I gained plenty of technical knowledge, but I have also learned a lot about my strong skills and have gained confidence in my own abilities.
By doing this internship I reaffirmed that after graduation I would like to work as a geotechnical consultant and contribute to the development of safe infrastructure and new geo-engineering knowledge.

In recent years, CRUX Engineering has always had several internship/graduate places available (and filled!) in the field of geotechnical engineering and construction. During this period, students from, among others, BSc Civil Engineering Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht, and MSc TU Delft and University of Twente have successfully completed their internships/studies at CRUX Engineering.
CRUX is also open to foreign students. Are you an enthusiastic and motivated student of Civil Engineering or Structural Engineering, and are you interested in an internship/thesis project at CRUX? Send your CV and cover letter to

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