CRUX started a new company: CEMS B.V. is born!

The last few months a small baby boom has been going on at CRUX Engineering and now a new baby sister company has been 'born' on a business level as well. Since last year, CRUX invests heavily in the development of the automation of its consultancy and engineering activities. In order to contribute to these new developments, several colleagues have been made available and employees are continuously trained and supervised in terms of content. Because there is a desire at CRUX to further expand our IT services and products and to offer them to the market, we have set up a separate BV for this purpose under the CRUX Holding: CRUX Engineering MicroServices BV, in short CEMS.

On behalf of CRUX Engineering, Jacco Haasnoot remains the driving force behind the IT developments within CRUX Engineering BV and CEMS B.V. And Ritchie Vink is co-founder and shareholder of CEMS. With this we have connected an expert, strong and innovative IT professional to CRUX and we are very happy with that! Besides BouwRisk, CRUX Engineering has a new baby sister!

Through CEMS we will offer MicroServices to the market in the field of geotechnics, hydrogeology and monitoring. MicroServices are cloud-based tools that can be part of a design process or another form of automated service provision via an API.
The website of is still under construction so news articles are shared on and its LinkedIn.

Jacco Haasnoot and Ritchie Vink "Congratulations on the new partnership!

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