Students on a mission II

Petros Zakynthinos (student TUDelft)
My internship took place from September 1st to December 15th (3.5 months) at CRUX Engineering, at their office in Delft. CRUX mission is to provide excellent-quality advice in the field of geotechnical engineering, geohydrology, ground and settlement risk assessment.

The main goal of my internship was to put the academic information I learned during my MSc
studies into reality and to comprehend the impact of geotechnical engineering to society.
I was given the chance to participate in all aspects of design as part of my internship, from concept
development and modeling to visualizing the various stages of construction. My workday was off-site, where I worked both in design of simple and more complex projects. The spectrum of the problems consisted of:

  • Design of a deep foundation system for the construction of an underground parking (2 layers deep) in Rotterdam
  • Design of a deep foundation system for the construction of a road project.
  • Design of the grout body of anchors for a dyke reinforcement project in Tiel
  • Modelling of an overpass in A12 highway in The Hague
  • Modelling of a construction of an elevator pit inside an existing building in The Hague.

It was my first experience working in a geotechnical engineering design company and it was a great learning experience. It helped me grow not only in my future career, but also as a person. I collaborated with individuals from all backgrounds and took lessons from their experience.

As an international student, I understood better what a workplace in the Netherlands entails and was able to socialize and expand my network.

CRUX provided me with fantastic assistance and room to grow so that I could learn about many different parts of projects and, most importantly, how to think like an engineer.

In recent years, CRUX Engineering has always had several internship/graduate places available (and filled!) in the field of geotechnical engineering and construction. During this period, students from, among others, BSc Civil Engineering Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht, and MSc TU Delft and University of Twente have successfully completed their internships/studies at CRUX Engineering.
CRUX is also open to foreign students.

Are you an enthusiastic and driven student civil engineering or structural engineering and interested in an internship/graduation position at CRUX Engineering BV? Then send your CV and motivation to

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